About MRC Methodist Retirement Communities

Faith-based service means it’s a pleasure to go the extra mile.

Our vision for each resident in every one of our retirement communities is a bright, full life in the wealth of the warmth of our staff, with something to look forward to every day, and something good to remember each night.

Abiding by a principle not just Christian, but eternal.

That principle is to treat our residents as we’d like to be treated, a challenge found in most of the world’s great religions. We’ve raised that bar with senior housing since 1962, and the MRC vision for each staff member is to support our residents by demonstrating daily the principles of ICARE: integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence. These apply in every community, no matter the level of living – from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing. Home to care, home to love – this is MRC.

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How life in a senior community beats staying home.

“Each of our communities is a lifeline,” said Ron Jennette, MRC president and CEO. He didn’t expect to be quoted, but he was accurate and spoke from the heart, continuing, “It’s a proven way to improve quality of life and extend remaining years. Surrounded by friends, encouraged to be as active as can be, with movement built into the daily schedule, and with nutritious meals at hand and caring aides aware of changes in eating and activity levels, this beats the isolation of the family homestead hands down.” In short, compared to the isolation of living in the old homestead, there’s a better chance that your life will be happy, healthy and long if your home environment surrounds you with friends.

Why “nonprofit” means “better care.”

Each MRC community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so leftover margin is reinvested in improvements, and rate increases can be kept to a minimum. In addition, nonprofit status includes a high level of accountability, which translates into a high standard of care. Internally, MRC has met that standard by undertaking the challenge to be the best senior community in every location we serve.

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