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Methodist Retirement Communities (MRC) is your partner for Skilled Nursing care. We strive to make the referral process smooth and the patient experience excellent.

  • Rapid response time with a dedicated team of experienced SNF admission specialists.
  • Skilled Nursing placement in 6 Texas cities.
  • Representing highly rated, non-profit, faith-based communities.

Together, there is strength!

meet our team of specialists.

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Courtney Keels

Corporate Admissions Director

As the Director of the team, Courtney prioritizes good communication and carries a strong sense of urgency to create a smooth process for all, keeping the patient's experience a top priority. She specializes in building partnerships that yield strong results for the referring entity as well as MRC. Courtney brings full transparency to the table and invites providers to do the same. With over 2 decades of customer service expertise and a deep knowledge of all things Skilled Nursing, you’ll find that working with Courtney is a pleasure.

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Sherri Carroll

Corporate Admissions Nurse

Sherri has worked in Skilled Nursing as a Licensed Vocation Nurse for 17 years. She has held a multitude of positions including Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) and Nurse Manager, as well as Admissions Nurse for the last five years. Her role on the team is to review patient records to make a rapid decision for placement. With a deep understanding of clinical capabilities at each location, Sherri can offer possible pathways for placement at any of the six MRC locations without delay.

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Ingrid Barrios

Corporate Admissions Coordinator

With over 10 years of experience in elder care and 15 years in customer service, Ingrid brings a special energy and expertise to the team. She is known to go the extra mile and carries an incredible talent for juggling multiple tasks effectively. She works as the insurance verification and data entry expert on the team who is incredibly organized and focused. Ingrid’s talent and know-how allow the team to move quickly while ensuring every step is managed with precision.

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Sarah Lanham

Corporate Admissions Coordinator

Sarah is a Texas A&M University grad with a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health. She currently serves as the admissions coordinator, facilitating all admissions in our skilled nursing and rehab areas. Sarah takes pride in working along side our wonderful staff; bringing compassion, care, and great energy to our team. She enjoys helping others and giving back to the community.

Sarah adores her four dogs and two cats. Her free time is mostly spent traveling, enjoying the great outdoors, camping, practicing yoga and meditation, and spending time with family and friends.

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