It all comes down to heart.

From country charm to country club, from Aggies to Bearkats to Lumberjacks, for those with Life Care to those with modest means, we’re 12 retirement communities in 8 Texas cities, serving over 2,000 residents, regardless of religion, race, gender, disability or nationality. We’re dedicated to the best senior living in Texas, and we’re putting our whole hearts into it.

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It all comes down to heart.


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You're the revolution.

Now that 70 is the new 50 – what with advances in health care, nutrition, and life expectancy – American seniors are discovering delightful ways to make the most of those extra 20 years. Seriously, it’s one thing if you’re just going to grow old, but practically a different planet if you’d prefer to live long. And yes, an independent living community makes the difference.

How to feel like royalty.

The way-upper-crust has had help with dressing, bathing – all the ADLs (activities of daily living) – for millennia. True, where they had servants, we have staff. But also true that no matter what assistance you find you need, from managing medications to providing meals to helping with the same ADLs King Tut took for granted, assisted living is actually all about staying independent.

Aging has its drawbacks.

Dementia is the one thing Americans over 50 are thinking about. Losing mobility is bad. Losing good memories is worse. The risk of dementia rises with age, from 1 in 14 people over age 65 – to 1 in 6 over 80. The good news is what we now know and are learning about how to forestall, maintain and elicit brain strength – and how best to care for each unique dementia patient.

Introducing a brilliant idea.

24/7 nursing care. It’s buttoned up, seriously professional, watch-you-like-a-Florence Nightingale-hawk. And it's delivered with warmth and ease – almost like a live-in nurse who's your caregiver and your friend. Private or semiprivate suite, 24/7 monitoring, therapists just down the hall. Also just down the hall? Assuming you've moved in from independent living, all those friends you've made, and they'll visit often.

Rebuild, return and rebalance.

“Rehabilitate” is an odd word, since we’ve lost “habilitate,” meaning “to make fit,” from the same Latin root as “ability.” Rehabilitation, of course, is all about getting back to fit – or as close as possible to “go.” Compared to a generation ago, the tools available to rehab the human body and mind are stunning – and at MRC, we’re very serious about rehab and choosy about our therapists.

The future will come to you.

Soon enough, Americans can expect to see more of the medical services they’re used to going out for – such as rehabilitation and skilled nursing – done in the comfort of their own homes. In the meantime, PineCrest and Cornerstone have been years ahead of the game, offering personal assistance and licensed skilled nursing care to seniors in Lufkin and Texarkana, respectively.

Come visit the MRC Community of your choice.

Each is distinct, vital and attractive. And among them you’ll always find our commitment to serve adults in a faith-based environment; staff members demonstrating the principles of ICARE in their every action; and our abiding, deep-down love of Texas.

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Staff who seem to know what you need before you do, are key to our down-home comfort.

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Carefree “Catered Living” is the hallmark of a unique country lifestyle with nary a stranger.

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The Life Care community for Aggies fans, featuring superb fireside dinners.

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Corpus Christi

The newest member of the MRC System, with Life Care and so much to say “Yes” to.

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This deep-woods oasis with great food and a staff to match is an East Texas best-kept secret.

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Stevenson Oaks,
Fort Worth

In southwest Fort Worth, exceptional senior living delivered with classic Fort Worth style.
Coming Soon.

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The Crossings,
League City

A Life Care community for those Bay Area seniors with their we’re-still-growing lifestyles.

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The Langford,
College Station

Wellness-focused for busy professionals, true-maroon Aggies fans, and country club golfers.

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5 HUD Senior Communities,
Bryan & La Porte

Affordable apartments with MRC staff who are committed to the best senior living in Texas.

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