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From the deep Texas pines to the gorgeous Texas coast line and several places in-between, you’ll find Methodist Retirement Communities (MRC) proudly delivering quality, faith-based, mission driven housing and services to senior adults.  After our founding in 1962, we have since expanded to include 13 communities in 9 Texas cities. We are Texas proud and that’s why we are dedicated to being the best senior living in the state.  We believe in hard-work, faith values, and doing the right thing.  All of that heart with just a touch of Texas charm makes MRC a great place to work and an even better place to call home.

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Check out the MRC Levels of Living below

Independent Living -+

You're the revolution.

Now that 70 is the new 50 – what with advances in health care, nutrition, and life expectancy – American seniors are discovering delightful ways to make the most of those extra 20 years. Seriously, it’s one thing if you’re just going to grow old, but practically a different planet if you’d prefer to live long. And yes, an independent living community makes the difference.


Assisted Living - +


The way-upper-crust has had help with dressing, bathing – all the ADLs (activities of daily living) – for millennia. True, where they had servants, we have staff. But also true that no matter what assistance you find you need, from managing medications to providing meals to helping with the same ADLs King Tut took for granted, assisted living is actually all about staying independent.

Here’s how.

Memory Support -+


Dementia is the one thing Americans over 50 are thinking about. Losing mobility is bad. Losing good memories is worse. The risk of dementia rises with age, from 1 in 14 people over age 65 – to 1 in 6 over 80. The good news is what we now know and are learning about how to forestall, maintain and elicit brain strength – and how best to care for each unique dementia patient.

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Skilled Nursing -


24/7 nursing care. It’s buttoned up, seriously professional, watch-you-like-a-Florence Nightingale-hawk. And it's delivered with warmth and ease – almost like a live-in nurse who's your caregiver and your friend. Private or semiprivate suite, 24/7 monitoring, therapists just down the hall. Also just down the hall? Assuming you've moved in from independent living, all those friends you've made, and they'll visit often.


Rehabilitation -+


“Rehabilitate” is an odd word, since we’ve lost “habilitate,” meaning “to make fit,” from the same Latin root as “ability.” Rehabilitation, of course, is all about getting back to fit – or as close as possible to “go.” Compared to a generation ago, the tools available to rehab the human body and mind are stunning – and at MRC, we’re very serious about rehab and choosy about our therapists.

Read on.

Home Health -+


Soon enough, Americans can expect to see more of the medical services they’re used to going out for – such as rehabilitation and skilled nursing – done in the comfort of their own homes. In the meantime, PineCrest and Cornerstone have been years ahead of the game, offering personal assistance and licensed skilled nursing care to seniors in Lufkin and Texarkana, respectively.

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Empowered to Live Large!

Spending your days toiling over chores is living small!  Instead, let us take over the to-do list so you can live LARGE! Let us mow the yard, mop the floor, cook dinner, change the sheets and manage home repairs.  With all of the mundane have-to-dos out of the way, imagine all of the new get-to-dos that await you!  Write the novel, take art classes, put on dancing shoes, grab the microphone, explore the world...just imagine the possibilities!  At MRC you’ll be empowered to dream big and live LARGE.


freedom from worry

One thing that many hardworking Texans have in common is that they dread becoming a burden to their children as they age. In an MRC community, you’ll find that we can offer just enough support with day to day activities like dressing, bathing, and medication management that the worries melt away. Worry-free living for you and for your family, now that’s a blessing, never a burden.

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when memories fade.

Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of age related forgetfulness is something that 1 in 6 people over the age of 80 are facing. The hardships that a family may face along this type of journey can be heart wrenching as memories fade and life turns to the new normal. We are here to encourage families that you don’t have to walk this road alone. Let us help. From caregiver support groups to residential care services, you’ll find the right mix of expertise and an understanding to hold you up when the load is too much to bear. Let us walk alongside you on this journey.

let us help.

living the good life

Sometimes limited mobility creates a greater need for care that includes the type of nursing support and care staff that is found in skilled nursing.  Having these compassionate souls nearby for each and every need throughout the day is a great comfort and can allow elders to thrive despite their limitations.  But that’s not the main thing that happens in skilled nursing, the care we provide is actually in the background.  So what’s on the main stage?  The elder!  Living in Skilled Nursing doesn’t mean that life now revolves around care needs.  Boring!  Instead, life should revolve around the things that make life good…hobbies, interests, worship, family, music, laughter…the list goes on and on.  But the list looks different for each individual and so does our approach.  We won’t let a little bit of necessary care get in the way of living the good life.

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You never know what twists and turns life has in store. Sometimes an unexpected fall or period of illness may land you in the hospital. Next thing you know, the team of caregivers at the hospital are suggesting you get short-term, inpatient rehabilitation to regain your strength. Sometimes the same recommendation can come following a scheduled procedure like a knee replacement or a shoulder surgery. Either way, your priorities will have shifted to strengthening your body so that you can get back to life as usual. Whether it’s physical, occupational or speech therapy, you’ll find that the teams within our communities are ready to help you thrive. They’ll have an individualized plan of action for a period of focus on your body’s most critical needs so that you go home stronger and more confident.

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we come to you!

Whether you need a bit more support with cooking, cleaning and running errands, or, if you need the trusted care of a nursing professional, MRC’s Home Health teams at Pine Crest in Lufkin and Cornerstone in Texarkana can deliver.  The best part is, they can deliver this service straight to your door. That’s right, you can get the same quality care and trusted service that is experienced each day on our campuses in your own home.

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While each is distinct, you’ll always find our commitment to serve adults in a faith-based environment with staff who demonstrate the principles of ICARE in their every action along with our abiding, deep-down love of Texas.

Come visit the MRC Community of your choice.

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