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Independent Living at MRC tends to draw in seniors who are forward thinking, those who are always considering the future and feel secure when a smart plan is in place. You see, Independent Living is the perfect blend of embracing all that today has to offer while having a secure plan in place for anything the future may hold. With worry-free, maintenance-free patio homes and apartments, residents can fully focus on their hobbies and interests without mundane chores getting in the way. It’s all about living your best life -now- which includes releasing anxiety about the future.

So, how is the future secure for these Independent Living residents? Well, it’s simple, they can rest easy knowing they have priority access to any level of care they might need in the future- often at a significant discount, compared to market rates for equivalent care. They won’t leave their families scrambling for a last-minute plan to take care of grandpa or crossing their fingers, just hoping to make it to the top of the wait list at a top-quality care community. A decision to move into Independent Living with MRC is more than a plan to have your yardwork taken care of…it’s a plan to take care of yourself, your spouse, your family, and your future. Oh, and the yardwork? Yeah, we’ll do that too!

All these perks and we haven’t even mentioned how lovely the accommodations are, with access to a variety of life enriching amenities and services, but maybe you should just swing by for a tour and see for yourself. Click the link below to schedule an Independent Living tour with the MRC community of your choice:

INDEPENDENT LIVING, make the exchange

Exchange chores for hobbies and worry for freedom! Replace a 30-minute drive to your best friend’s house with a 2-minute walk down the hall, passing the apartment doors of a dozen new friends along the way. Exchange hours of housekeeping, laundry, yardwork, and even meal prep with services that help make life carefree. Don’t even think about being bored, as this senior lifestyle includes events, mingles, parties, lectures, films, classes, and dozens of other ways to make life a delight – which includes an overall theme of wellness-focused activity woven throughout each day. Ready to check it out?

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