What’s cooking at MRC?

August 11, 2021

No matter where you choose to dine across MRC, you’ll find one thing to be consistent– each meal is Chef prepared and made from scratch- every time. MRC’s philosophy of whole-person wellness that nurtures the body, mind and spirit extends to our philosophy on food too. That’s why you won’t find pre-packaged or processed food in our collection of ingredients and certainly not on the menu. Our Chefs are well-studied in what it takes to support a healthy diet while also providing more than enough indulgent opportunities for the sweet tooth.  Enjoying a tasty meal with your favorite trimmings is one of life’s small pleasures which is why we believe that food can be a major source of joy, an opportunity for connection and an overall support to your wellness goals. Each MRC community even has their own resident led food committee to help our team get it right.  

“Food can be a highly anticipated part of each day! Something this important demands a strong philosophy and standard for excellence. It’s not easy satisfying a multitude of tastes but we certainly give our best every day at every meal”, Matthew Currie, Regional Vice President of Operations.


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