Ways to Give to MRC

November 21, 2022

MRC’s long history of service to older adults has in large part been made possible through the kindness of countless donors.  Generous gifts have built buildings, sustained programs and literally supported hundreds of residents in need.  Philanthropy continues to be a key feature of our mission as we are on pace to assist well over 100 residents with a financial need during 2022.      

On-going gifts from our donors give peace-of-mind to residents who would otherwise have no place else to turn for the love and care they receive at an MRC community.  

Resident Covenant Fund – Gifts to the Resident Covenant Fund are used to aid MRC in fulfilling our covenants to our residents.  They help us continue our service to those with whom we have made the promise, “We will  never ask you to leave your home just because you cannot pay.  We will not cast you aside nor will we forsake you just because you lack the needed financial resources.”

Employee Education Fund – Your generosity helps to strengthen the MRC team as gifts are used to enhance the knowledge and skills of team members from all disciplines at all levels of the organization.

Memory Support Programs – Your gift may off-set the cost of specialized training or could be used for special tools and resources used by memory  support teams to ensure residents have engaging and enriching environments in which to live and thrive.

Resident Programs – Gifts to programming are used to provide tools and resources to make certain that each day is interesting and engaging. We aim to make life good for each of our residents and your gifts make that more possible.

Employee Emergency Fund – Team members from across the State contribute to this Fund whose purpose is to help staff when they encounter a financial hardship due to an emergency or crisis  situation.

Undesignated Gifts - By giving an undesignated gift to MRC, our team is able to utilize your gift to meet the most urgent need.  


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