Touching Hearts Across the Globe

November 15, 2021

Recently, something contagious moved across Lufkin, College Station and League City; a sewing fever! In June, Donna McFadden, Ambassador for Dress a Girl Around the World, joined elders at PineCrest, The Langford and The Crossings to  participate in a day of sewing for a great cause. Even those without sewing ability rolled up their sleeves and readied sewing kits, ironed fabric or placed buttons. Dress-a-Girl Around the World believes that “every girl deserves a dress” and strives to make it happen. The dresses are sent to girls, many times living in orphanages, who are from impoverished countries or regions. The dresses not only put a smile on a little girl’s face, but they also serve as a deterrent to traffickers. These brightly colored dresses with a hand sewn label become a weapon in the fight against child trafficking because the children are perceived to be well cared for and not an ideal target. When distributing the dresses, the group educates the young girls and their guardians on the dangers of human trafficking which greatly decreases the chances they’ll be deceived and become a victim of predators. The organization prays that with each dress comes a lesson that the girls are worthy of respect and deeply loved by God.      

The dresses made at the communities during sewing days were delivered to Guatemala and Zambia. Since that time, many of the elders have continued to gather to sew and build sewing kits; each donating their own fabric, supplies or talents, taking on full ownership of the  continued  effort. What  was  intended to be  a one time opportunity has  blossomed  into a life changing ministry for the elders as well as the girls they help. While they may never meet face to face, an impact is being made in the lives of these precious girls from across the world.  



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