The Power of Generosity

November 27, 2023

For 60 years, MRC has thrived due to the generosity of donors who have given in a multitude of ways. While this is not an exhaustive list, we wanted to highlight a few stories through the years, both big and small, that have made a difference in the lives of elders, as well as employees, in hopes that it will inspire others who might like to give towards the various programs available at MRC.


MRC Covenant Fund

Residents across MRC find financial security

Since the launch of MRC’s ministry in 1962, the mission has always been to provide housing and support to elders, even if they outlive their resources. That’s why generous   donors have given to provide for those who find themselves in a condition of financial insecurity, notably one of the top fears of older adults according to Psychology Today. Currently, over six percent of MRC’s residents are dependent on MRC’s Covenant Fund to supplement the costs of their housing and/or care. The need is projected to grow to almost $4 million in 2024, creating an even greater dependency on donors.

Special Campus Needs and Project

Residents rally to buy piano to fill Cornerstone’s Atrium with music

For over 20 years, a full-size grand piano made its home in the grand Atrium at Cornerstone. It was  loaned to the community by a long-time resident as long as the resident was living there. Then, it would be passed along to her family. When the day came, residents were at a loss for how to go on without a piano in that space. It wasn’t long before several residents organized a way to raise funds to for a replacement. Just a few short weeks later, with gifts from 19 different donors, music from the piano was restored to Cornerstone’s Atrium. Today, as visitors come through the front doors of the community, they are commonly greeted by wonderful sounds coming from the new beautiful black baby grand piano, all because these residents ensured that the gift of music remained a constant for all to enjoy.

Residents rally to customize The Langford’s courtyard gardens

About a year ago, residents at The Langford looked across their balconies at a Courtyard that was lacking appeal. Several of them, led by Peter Witt and Joyce Nies, decided to do something about the view. Under their leadership, residents, families and friends of The Langford have rallied to not only raise the funds need to improve the Courtyard area but have also taken the lead in getting the design, selecting the plants and other features, while monitoring the work, with support of the team at The Langford. Through September, the residents have been key in raising just over $77,000 from 30 different donors all of which are earmarked for improvements. Now as they enjoy this courtyard, the centerpiece of the community, they see a great deal of beauty and a wonderful testimony of what a dedicated group of people can make happen when they work together.

Employee Support

Employee Emergency Fund

Cary Vandenberg, a Floor Tech who is working at The Crossings, went through a tough time following an injury that made it impossible for him to work his second job. This necessary recovery time caused him to get behind on his rent. As a result, he had to move out. With no place to go, Cary spent nights sleeping in his car, in a U-Haul truck, or on a friend’s couch. Cary applied for assistance from MRC’s Employee Emergency Fund and was able to get into a new apartment. When asked about his experience, Cary shared, “I’m so grateful for the support from the Emergency Fund when I was struggling. I’m proud to be part of the MRC family!”         

Employee Scholarship Fund

Stephanie Flores, a CNA at Mirador, has received assistance from the resident led scholarship program at Mirador. Stephanie shared, “I am blessed to work for a company like Mirador that encourages me to advance my career. The scholarship program helps bring me closer to my goal of becoming a registered nurse.” MRC employees are empowered to chase their career goals and can receive assistance to complete a formal course of study through a college, university or other school offering certification programs.


MRC would like to thank the William “Bill” Henry McCollum family for their  prompting friends and family to donate to the MRC Covenant Fund in his memory. McCollum was once a member of the Board of Directors and lived his final years at The Crossings. The family shared that Bill received, “beyond-excellent care,” so they hope to bless others in their time of need through these gifts.  

Other ways to Give:

· MRC Covenant Fund

· Custom Community Gifts

· Employee Emergency Fund

· Employee Scholarship Fund

· Qualified Charitable Distributions from an IRA

· Estate Planning Gifts

· Gifts made in honor or in memory

· Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

· Entrance Fee Refunds, in part or in whole

· Sponsorships by community or church groups

· Recurring monthly donations

· Food Pantry Items for Affordable Housing

Gifts can be made by mail:

1440 Lake Front Circle, Suite 140                          

The Woodlands, TX 77380

 or by Credit card online:


Written by Todd Partin, Vice President of Philanthropy and Engagement

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