The greatest fear of older adults might not be what you expect- How MRC is making a difference

October 1, 2021

What is the number one fear of older adults? Death?  Nope.  Falling? Wrong again.  Loneliness?  Not even close.  The overwhelming majority, 43%, say what truly haunts them is the fear of outliving their money.  Are you surprised? Probably not.  The truth is, money is a source of stress for most adults, but none greater than for older adults who, in most cases, can’t easily earn a paycheck or easily change their financial situation.  Without the ability to turn back time to earn and save, nor the ability to predict how much time they have left, they can feel stuck. Those who have no family or willing parties to support them are especially vulnerable.  


That’s where we come in and that’s why October 1st, International Day of Older Persons, is such a special day. For 60 years and counting, Methodist Retirement Communities has stood in the gap for older adults who have run out of money. We are proud to extend quality housing and whatever type of care might be required for the rest of their life, regardless of their ability to pay. So on this day, we want to shine an extra bright light on this issue and call on others to join us in making a difference. Because the truth is, we simply can’t do this alone.


Thankfully, over these six decades, a host of compassionate donors have supported the MRC Covenant Fund which is how this ministry thrives. Donations to this special fund are designated for the sole purpose of assisting older adults who are in financial need which means every penny donated goes directly to this purpose.


You see, our mission calls us and our faith compels us to extend the love of Christ to meet the needs of older adults. More and more are coming forward seeking help and we want to answer the call. That’s why we have selected International Day of Older Persons to educate and advocate for others to join us in this calling.  


Please, join us, by making a donation to calm the fear, lift the burden and ultimately, change the life of older adults in need.


Donations can be made online by clicking here >> DONATE NOW


Here are a couple of stories of lives that have been changed through the Resident Covenant Fund:

·        Click here to learn of a wonderful woman who outlived her financial resources, but was comforted to stay at home with her MRC family.

·        Click here to hear of a man who was in a desperate situation living in his own home, but found a new home with new friends in an MRC community.  



You can also mail a donation to:

                                        MRC Foundation

                                        1440 Lake Front Circle, Suite 140

                                        The Woodlands, Texas 77380


Or make a donation by phone by calling:                   



About MRC and its Affiliates:  MRC and each of its affiliate entities are 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations as determined by the IRS.  As not-for-profit organizations, all MRC affiliate communities provide certain amounts of benevolent assistance to residents through The Covenant Fund.  All donations to MRC or an affiliate are tax-deductible as allowed by law.   

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