Stories from the Blue Sofa

November 21, 2022

Beginning in 2023, television commercials featuring MRC residents will premiere on all major network television stations. “We are really excited about this series of commercials! The idea is that this cute little blue sofa travels all around MRC collecting these stories. The sofa becomes a recognizable character that shows up in unexpected places like the pool, garden or dining room, wherever the heart of the story originates. But it’s not about featuring the amenities as much as it’s about highlighting the impact these spaces have when filled with engaged residents. It was really incredible to be behind the scenes and hear these stories firsthand, I am so energized to see how they touch others too. Really amazing people live and work at MRC, I can’t wait to tell the world their stories,” said Jill Janes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

In addition to the television commercial, a series of print ads with still images from the commercial shoots will be placed in key publications around the state. The little blue sofa will also make appearances throughout the year on social media where others will be asked to share their stories too. Janes went on to say, “The real-life stories of residents is by far the most compelling tool we have to market MRC. The stories range from funny to heartwarming and everything else in-between.”

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