Remembering The First Place

March 14, 2022

The old hotel had a grand past. It stood proudly on the edge of the Gulf waters for decades, and famous and important people crossed its portals into history. When time was catching up, The Buccaneer entered a whole new life as the first location of what came to be known as Methodist Retirement Communities.

As a younger pastor charged with responsibilities for instructing the youth, one of the important lessons we considered was how the church provides care for older adults. There was no finer example than Moody House in Galveston. That is why year after year young men and women in Confirmation Class would have the opportunity to make their journey to the island and then meet the residents, tour the facilities, listen to the director, and absorb the ambience of the old Buccaneer. I took delight in being able to present young people with a showcase of Methodism’s best! I remember the tile floors, the old-timey elevator, beautiful views from the dining room, but especially the gracious, welcoming spirit of everyone who called the Buccaneer home.

Years have gone by now, and I am not in charge of Confirmation Class anymore, but there is one thing I have not stopped doing – visiting Methodist Retirement Communities across the state of Texas and telling people of how wonderful they are even to this day. It would not surprise you to know, things have not changed at all:  a warm, friendly atmosphere; great staff; attention to physical, spiritual, and emotional needs; supportive community; and a great environment to call home. What started sixty years back has only improved with age. So, we pause not only to celebrate rich memories but to also give thanks for all the lives – young and older – who were blessed by what began in The Buccaneer.

This article was written by Rev. BT Williamson. He has served on the Board of Directors for Methodist Retirement Communities for twelve years (and counting). Williamson spent much of his career in the role of  Pastor, later holding the office of Assistant to the Bishop before retiring in 2020. Before retirement, he was the Texas Annual Conference’s representative on the MRC Board. 


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