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December 19, 2022

The list of things we never thought we’d see has grown longer and longer since the early days of the pandemic. From a nation wide toilet paper shortage, to a shocking helicopter view of empty Houston streets at 5:00 pm on a weekday, it seems the unexpected has almost become the expected at this point. The world of employee retention and recruitment has seen its own startling trends. The most notable trend took place in 2021 that was later called, “The Great Resignation.” This movement was spurred by what some feel are themes of burnout and inflexible work demands driving many Americans to walk off the job. With generous COVID benefits, the jobless had means to remain that way for what felt like ages to hiring managers everywhere as the general workforce was left severely understaffed. Meanwhile, others holding steady in their roles began to take on the additional stress left behind by their former peers. All in all, experts are saying that recent events have undoubtedly prompted those in the workforce to reevaluate their current role and question, “what else might be out there?”

“Applicants are asking deeper questions about job satisfaction, work/life balance, out-of-the-box benefits, job flexibility and employee autonomy, as well as the values that the organization is founded on,” shared Frances Beltran, Vice President of Human Resources. She went on to say, “In years past, job candidates were mostly interested in the basics, but all that has changed. That’s how we knew that our approach should also change.”

Beltran recently added two corporate recruiters to her team of Human Resources professionals, Kelly Tittel and Danielle Ordonez, with Tittel leading the team. “The days of waiting for the perfect candidate to apply and taking a day or two before extending an offer are over. So many employers are seeking strong talent that hiring must be quick, decisive and ahead of the crowd,” explained Beltran.  

This dynamic pair is charged with pursuing the best of the best in each market through a process of networking and online vetting, amongst other methods. “In the short time we’ve implemented this new process, we’ve seen some really impressive talent come to the table, folks that likely wouldn’t have applied on their own. Many come from a parallel industry and have never considered a career in senior living before encountering one of our recruiters,” said Beltran. While it’s not clear how trends may change, these new additions give MRC a more nimble approach than ever before.

Kelly Tittel
Danielle Ordonez


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