Proud to be an American

November 15, 2021

Laura Cruz, Crestview Unity’s Housekeeper, has traveled a great distance, both literally and figuratively. She spent years pursuing a lifelong dream that has only recently come true. She has been declared an American Citizen.

 Laura Cruz came to America as a young child with her mother on s  visa. In 1990 she became a permanent resident , which was the first step in  getting  her official  citizenship.  Even  though she  has  very little memory of her life before, she knew she wanted to become a citizen of the country she loves so much. She also  knew that this was how she could be certain her future was secure. But more than anything, she is excited to vote in the next presidential election. “Laura is a devoted member of our team and we are so overjoyed to celebrate this major milestone with her. I wish you could have seen the way her face lit up the first time she told me; it was very special,” said Joy Keels, Vice President of Affordable Housing.


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