Pouring Out Love

December 18, 2023

Rick Rawls lived at Bayview in La Porte for many years before he decided his passion for painting needed a larger space to create. So, he moved out of the community and into a private residence, hoping to create a studio that would inspire. Despite the increased elbow room, Rawls found himself returning to the community almost daily to visit his friends. It wasn’t long before Rawls realized that he wanted to rejoin the community. The only questions was, how would he continue to nurture his love of painting?

Amanda Goode, Service Coordinator had the perfect idea. “I knew that we needed to get Rick involved sharing his talent and passion with his neighbors. It was a quick yes when I asked him to host weekly painting classes,” shared Goode. Rawls has been teaching the group a paint pouring technique that is simple for beginners but creates an incredible end   result by pouring paint onto the canvas generously then using a flame gun to spread the paint, making interesting streaks in the desired pattern.

“Life at Bayview is more fun because Rick is investing his talents here,” smiled Goode, “He is truly pouring himself into Bayview, making it a better place to live and work. We love Rick and we are so glad he came back home!”


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