Our Senior Moments

December 5, 2022

You may have heard someone use the phrase, “I’m having a senior moment,” as a self-deprecating wise crack about forgetting something important. This term suggests that older adults are all scatter brains that can’t function due to their age. How absurdly inaccurate! Anyone who works with this segment of the population would quickly challenge this stereotype because they witness each day how this generation of amazing individuals are living meaningful lives, full of purpose, and joy, while making an impact on those around them. And yet, the stereotypes seem to go unchallenged.

Meanwhile, in a post pandemic world, trends suggest that many Americans are now more willing than ever to pursue new career paths. But, these job seekers have a new qualifier, they are looking for work that is more personally fulfilling. What an opportune time for senior living to grab up these passionate workers!

With this target audience in mind, MRC has launched two new social media channels named: Our Senior Moments on TikTok and  mrc.senior living on Instagram. “We hope to do two things with this initiative, change the stereotypes associated with aging and inspire more people to choose careers in the field of aging services,” explained Frances Beltran, Vice President of Human Resources.

The channels feature video content of MRC residents sharing jokes, stories, and wisdom while offering sneak peeks into their lives. For example, Doris Gage from PineCrest became “TikTok famous” when a video of her joking about choosing to stay 29 years old, despite subsequent birthdays, reached over 6 million people worldwide.

Beltran continued, “Not many people set out to get into aging services. Most stumble into the industry and later say that they wish they had discovered it sooner. We are hoping to change that.”


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