One More Day– Revisited

July 18, 2022

Over the 60-year history of MRC, we have never wavered from our mission and commitment to serve those with limited or no resources. Some plan for retirement and simply outlive their resources. Some may be living in our low-income apartments and need additional levels of care. Some simply don’t have the resources for the care they need. That’s when the MRC Covenant Fund fills the gap between cost of care and what residents are actually able to afford on their own.    

As we strive to ensure the funds are available to fill the gap for each resident in need, earlier this year, we launched the “One More Day” campaign where we are celebrating each $60 donation to the Covenant Fund. A $60 gift may not seem like a huge deal, but to us each one is a reason to celebrate. Each $60 gift fills the gap for the average resident to remain in their MRC home for one more day of love, care and security.  

To date, gifts totaling $22,725 have been made to the Covenant Fund toward the “One More Day” campaign. As we track our “One More Day” gifts of $60 each with marbles, we have now filled one jar completely. That full jar of marbles ensures that one precious MRC resident has the assistance needed to remain at their MRC home for another full year.

It is our hope that in the months ahead, many other jars will be filled. We know it’s not about the jars or the marbles. It is truly about the lives touched through gifts from our generous donors. We are so thankful for these partners as we seek to honor and serve older adults as an expression of Christ’s love.      


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