One More Day

March 2, 2022

As we began our plans for celebrating 60 years of service to older adults, we looked back at 2021 and found that the average resident receiving assistance from the MRC Covenant Fund needs about $60 per day to meet their needs beyond what they are able to pay on their own.     

That’s right!  A $60 gift to the MRC Covenant Fund fills the gap for the average resident to ensure they have the loving, compassionate care they need for another day at their MRC home. 

With that realization, we have launched the “One More Day” campaign through which we will celebrate each $60 donation to the Covenant Fund as a gift of One More Day of love, of care, of life at home for a resident in need.  

Now of course, most residents receiving assistance need more than just one more day.  So, we have set a goal that in 2022, each MRC Community will fill a jar with 365 marbles - each marble representing a gift of $60 for one more day at home for a resident in need.   One small marble doesn’t take up much room, just like a $60 gift doesn’t meet all the needs, but as residents, staff, family members and friends of each community work together, we can fill a jar.  And a filled jar ensures another resident will have another year at home!

 Click here to make a donation today! 

Written by Todd Partin, Vice President of Philanthropy

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