Obtaining Additional Credentials

September 4, 2023

By the year 2060, there will be an estimated 14 million adults living with dementia compared to the over five million today, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). As the care industry has learned more about the disease process over the years, specialized training for these caregivers has become a must. MRC has always invested in education that encourages the caregiver to meet those living with memory loss where they are, understanding their limitations, while still encouraging independence whenever possible. Now, building on this strong foundation of resourcing, MRC is moving the training expectations to a new   level. In an effort led by Vice President of Clinical Services, Yvonne Seifert, all caregivers and support staff working with this group will be required to obtain a new credential, each team member will become Certified Dementia Practitioners.    

Seifert explained, “Obtaining these certifications enhance our journey and commitment to excellence. We will be training all our staff working in Memory Support neighborhoods.” The process first began when Seifert obtained her own certification to be an Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer, which means she can lead the classes and extend the certifications to others. Suzanne Smith and Kara Bayer, both Assisted Living Directors for PineCrest and Crestview respectively, have also obtained their certification as trainers. Amy Horton, Vice President of Operations is also working towards obtaining her certification to join the trio as a trainer. Equipped with four trainers, the plan is to complete the certification process for all MRC communities before the year’s end. The Langford hosted the first class with all applicable team members graduating from the program with this additional credential in hand. Seifert added, “The significance of this investment is twofold, our residents can rest assured they’ll get top quality care from highly skilled caregivers, and our staff know their careers will be enhanced with this specialized credential.”

Yvonne Seifert, Vice President of Clinical Services for MRC  
Amy Horton, Vice President of Operations for MRC  
Suzanne Smith, Assisted Living Director at PineCrest  
Kara Bayer, Assisted Living Director at Crestview  

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