NEWS – Updated 1-7-21 Coronavirus 2019 (COVID 19):

January 7, 2021

January 7, 2021

As you may know, the vaccine is beginning to roll out across the state in limited supply.  As a provider of Long-Term-Care services, Methodist Retirement Communities has been fortunate to gain early access to the vaccine for residents and staff.  Many of our communities have begun the initial vaccination process in partnership with local pharmacy groups.  We have been encouraged to see staff and residents taking this opportunity to better protect our communities from the ramifications of the Coronavirus.  


Our own President and CEO, Alan Brown, has made the choice to take the vaccine.   Here is what he had to say on the subject, “When I first heard about the vaccine I was a little skeptical and concerned.  I had lots of questions:  Is it safe?  Does it work? What are the side effects?  Why should I take when I am healthy?  I began to research trusted information so I could make the best decision for me personally and also for those around me. I even called my personal physician I have known for 18 years and got this opinion (he said to take it).   It didn’t take long for me to realize I need to take the vaccination to protect myself, my family, my coworkers, our residents, and even strangers I pass in the store.  I am taking the shot!”


Still others may be holding back to better understand the consequences or side effects of the vaccine.  In an effort to assist with making an informed decision, we have provided a multitude of links from reliable resources that may help answer your questions or cast aside false information.

Resources from Houston Methodist:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Houston Methodist

Helpful Articles:

Get the facts about COVID-19 vaccines - Mayo Clinic

COVID-19 vaccine myths debunked – Mayo Clinic News Network

Science in the face of fear: a commentary on vaccine hesitancy and public trust - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (

Vaccines - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (

What You Should Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine | Memorial Hermann

COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions | Memorial Hermann

Vaccine Research & Development - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (

Vaccine FAQs | Coronavirus | Henry Ford Health System - Detroit, MI

Educational Infographics:

HM_COVID-19_VaccineInfographic_800x1300 (

HM_Coronavirus_Pfizer-Vaccine_FAQ.ashx (

HM_Coronavirus_Moderna-Vaccine_FAQ.ashx (             

Educational Videos:
For Nurses: Answers to COVID-19 Vaccination Questions for Healthcare Providers | Ad Council - YouTube

Is the vaccine safe MRC's Clinical Consultant Pharmacist, Heather Lewandowski, weighs in - YouTube


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