Marching to the Beat of Our Own Drum

November 15, 2021

Everything changed when Bibi Posada joined the Crestview Unity team as the Service Coordinator in early 2021. You might say that she marches to the beat of her own drum...literally. Once hired, Bibi didn’t waste any time getting the elders moving and shaking in her high energy drumming classes. These aren’t the typical drums you might expect to see. Instead, elders pound on big rubber exercise balls that sit atop laundry baskets. These oversized, bouncy spheres create the perfect shape and bounce for a fun-filled exercise session.  Bibi turns on a popular tune and the crew bangs, booms, and shakes until they’ve worked up a sweat.  She also challenges them with stretching and chair dancing before they call it quits for the day. The class has not only attracted a packed room each time, but the team has also seen those struggling with mobility show signs of improvement and those with cognitive concerns have shown signs of deeper engagement. It’s safe to say that everyone  involved  has  improved  their  energy  and  endurance  overtime.  There is  no  doubt, Bibi  is really shaking things up and has made wellness at MRC Affordable Housing more fun than ever!    


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