Making our Mark

April 6, 2021

What’s in a mark?  For MRC, there is a great deal of significance in re-imagining the MRC logo to include a now bolder cross that reminds us of the Christian principles that inspire all that we do.  It’s an emblem of our faith-centered mission to make Texas the best place to grow old and to make life good for those who call an MRC community home.  We pray that each employee who bears the MRC logo on their uniform is reminded to reflect the character of Christ.

We hope to reflect Christ-like values in all that we do and have summed these values up in something we call ICARE values.  ICARE is an acronym which stands for Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.  These values are more than words, but they are embodied by our leadership at every level. This means that they are seen in action and felt in practice and therefore, represented through our brand.  It only made sense to pull the cross forward to be the prominent centerpiece for all that we stand for in our brand mark and in our day to day decision making.

Since 1962, Methodist Retirement Communities has served Texans as a not-for-profit, faith-based ministry committed to giving elders the very best of us.  MRC’s story began when the Texas Annual Conference donated Galveston’s Buccaneer Hotel to become the first ever MRC community, Edgewater.  Today we carry on that legacy moving towards the 60th year of serving Texans.  Over the years, MRC’s ministry has grown to now serve over 2,500 elders in a typical year with those numbers expanding to total approximately 2,800 elders once Stevenson Oaks opens in early 2022.

While our mark may be changing, one thing remains immovable - our mission.

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