How to Live a Long Happy Life

March 28, 2019

How would you like to live a longer life?

When it comes to aging, studies are showing that there is one simple fix to extend your life… and what is it?  SOCIALIZATION!

We are learning more and more about aging and how you can extend your life by being around others.

That’s why Methodist Retirement Communities has had a meaningful ministry since 1962 and impacted the lives of Seniors all across the state of Texas.  We are proud to have served seniors for all these many years, enriching their lives with services, amenities, and the best part – Community!

Think about it, who would you expect to be the healthier, happier individual- a resident of a community who has regular intellectual conversations, hugs and access to an entire host of stimulating activities, or the senior who is isolated in their home and only sees someone once a week at church?  Isolation might just be the quickest way to age while socialization is one proven way to lengthen your life.

What about happiness?  Well, did you know that a person’s sense of purpose can greatly impact their wellness?  There is good news, not only is Methodist Retirement Communities providing communities for people to live in and find that socialization that is critical to their wellness; but, we are also providing very important jobs for those who want to serve those that are in our aging population.  From careers ranging from dining services, administration, hospitality, nursing, and more — we have a variety of careers available to you right here in Senior Living that can make a meaningful impact in the lives of others, and a guaranteed positive impact to your life as well.

If you want to learn more about how Methodist Retirement Communities is a great place to live or a great place to work… visit our website at to learn more.

Live here. Work here.

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