Providing Care When the Money Runs Out

November 29, 2021

When Earl was just 62, he began noticing problems with his memory. He and his wife, Anne, met with their doctors who confirmed what they feared– Earl had the beginnings of Alzheimer’s. For a number of years, they were able to manage Earl’s health situation on their own, but a time came when they made the move into an Independent Living apartment at an MRC Community in order to have support and a plan for future care.

Shortly after moving in, Earl’s health deteriorated further.  With the help of the community team, Anne moved him into Memory Care.  Then just a few short months later, Earl required even greater care, so he transitioned to Skilled Nursing Care.  Anne has remained in their Independent Living apartment where she is able to visit with Earl as long as she likes everyday.      

Earl has lived in Skilled Nursing Care now for several years and is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s.  He no longer talks.  He isn’t aware that he and Anne celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. In fact, most days he doesn’t seem to know who Anne is.  He can no longer feed himself.  He can no longer brush his own teeth.  He can no longer choose which clothes he’ll wear for the day.  He relies completely on the loving care of the community health care team to meet all of his daily needs.  

Earl and Anne saved adequately over the years for a comfortable retirement.  However, with Earl’s very quick and sudden decline, the couple went through their savings and other assets at a much faster rate than expected.  Anne came face-to-face with the bitter truth - they were running out of money.

Earl and Anne count on generous and caring people like you to stand in the financial gap for them.

Your donations ensure that Earl will continue to have the loving care he needs from people who know him well.  

Your generosity helps Anne rest confidently knowing that Earl remains in the hands of a care team who love and respect him like family.  

Your gifts give this wonderful couple extraordinary peace of mind at a very difficult time in their lives.

Please go to make a onetime gift or to sign up to generously support MRC’s Resident Covenant Fund on an on-going basis.



I do not take being here for granted. A day does not pass during which I wonder and even pray for a way to re-pay the privilege of having my husband in not only care, but expert care, longer than I ever expected.  I pray... for the provision of this work, that God would continue to provide, bless, and make it useful for many...  I sincerely thank you for your Benevolence.  - Anne


About MRC and its Affiliates:  MRC and each of its affiliate entities are 501(c)(3)not-for-profit organizations as determined by the IRS.  As not-for-profit organizations, all MRC affiliate communities provide certain amounts of benevolent assistance to residents through The Covenant Fund. All donations to MRC or an affiliate are tax-deductible as allowed bylaw. 

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