GivingTuesday 2020 - Why are you asking me for money?

November 18, 2020

You walk into an MRC community anywhere in the state of Texas and you look at beautiful common spaces and well-appointed furnishings and you might easily think, “This place is so nice, why would you ask me to donate money?”   

It’s true that MRC communities are beautiful and well-maintained. They are often the nicest senior living community in town.  But what makes an MRC community different is that MRC communities are all not-for-profit organizations and as a not-for-profit, each community is driven by a mission of providing faith-based quality living for the seniors who call that community home.  Home is an important idea to us because as mission-driven organizations, our communities are committed to serving residents in their home for as long as they live.  Our belief is that no one should ever have to leave their MRC home even if they get to the point they can’t pay full price for the care and services they need.  

Most often there are two primary reasons a resident would get to the point of needing assistance with the cost of their care and services. 

  • They planned, but didn’t have a crystal ball.  Our residents worked hard for what they have.  They come from a generation where they saved – they put back a solid nest egg – but for one reason or another, it wasn’t enough.  Some live well into their 90’s or even 100’s and hadn’t planned to need resources to that stage of life.  So, they wake up one day at 95 and realize, “I’m almost out of money.”  
  • They had a crazy event happen.  Sometimes a resident will have a sudden unexpected event take place that forces them to go through their resources at a much quicker rate than expected.  A stroke, a major bout with cancer or a significant drop in the value of their investments can all contribute to a person outliving their resources.

Residents come to an MRC Community with the hope of living a great life.  They become family to us and us to them and it only makes sense to help them with the cost of their care and services if that need arises.   

In 2020, we expect the financial assistance we provide for our residents state-wide to surpass $2,000,000.  Even in beautiful, well-appointed communities like you find at MRC, that’s a lot of money.  

Your tax-deductible donations make a huge difference for these residents.  On GivingTuesday, December 1st, won’t you make a gift at to help us meet this need?

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