Giving a Resident & her Family “the Greatest Gift We Could Imagine”

December 20, 2021

Gloria makes her home in an MRC Memory Care community.  She is living with forgetfulness and her world has changed a good bit over the last few years.  It would be easy to dwell on the abilities she has lost - like cooking that special meal, tending to her plants and flowers and meeting many of her own needs day to day.


Instead, her family and her MRC care-partners prefer to dwell on what Gloria can still do. She still loves music and lights up when enjoying her favorite songs.  She still has a warm smile that she shares regularly.  And she is still filled with a generous, loving spirit that encourages those around her.    


“When I am helping Mrs. Gloria, she just makes me feel better,” said one of her caregivers.  A family member added, “She doesn’t seem to know us anymore, but I do believe she knows we belong to her.  She rubs my hand when I sit with her like she always has and that is such a comfort to me.”  


You see, Gloria is home where she is loved and feels comfortable.  Her family believes that the loving environment at her MRC community plays a huge part in Gloria continuing to be who she has always been – a loving, caring, generous woman.  


You can imagine why her family said, “When due to financial limitations we knew Mom could not continue to live there, we were beside ourselves.”  


And when her family found out that amazing people like you stand in the gap for residents in need so they don’t have to move from their MRC home, you can imagine why they called that “the greatest gift we could imagine.”    


Gloria and her family count on the generosity of caring people like you!  


Your gifts make it possible for her to remain in the loving environment that is now her home.


Won’t you please donate today to make a difference for Gloria and others like her?


Please go to make a onetime gift or to sign up to generously support MRC’s Resident Covenant Fund on an on-going basis.



About MRC and its Affiliates:  MRC and each of its affiliate entities are 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations as determined by the IRS.  As not-for-profit organizations, all MRC affiliate communities provide certain amounts of benevolent assistance to residents through The Covenant Fund. All donations to MRC or an affiliate are tax-deductible as allowed by law. 


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