Gaining Expertise

August 21, 2023

Natalie Schutz, Director of Nursing, Lisa Todd, MDS (Minimum Data Set) Coordinator, and Krista Bailey, Corporate Reimbursement Specialist, recently completed an exclusive training program where they each obtained their certification as a Resident Assessment Coordinator (RAC-CT). Both Schutz and Todd are employed at The Crossings in League City while Bailey is a member of MRC’s Central Support Services team and travels around the state to support Skilled Nursing teams. The Program consists of ten courses with ten subsequent exams where participants must score an 80% or greater to be awarded the certification. Graduates from the program are better equipped to proactively avoid common pitfalls in Quality Measures and manage the coding process to the most up-to-date regulatory standards.

“Understanding the complex world of clinical coding is very rare. That’s what makes these three so special, they now have a level of expertise that is rarely seen in Skilled Nursing. I am so glad MRC has invested in their personal growth and in the quality of care that is extended to the residents as a result,” expressed Yvonne Seifert, VP of Clinical Services.

Lisa Todd- MDS Coordinator, The Crossings in League City
Natalie Schutz- Director of Nursing, The Crossings
Krista Bailey- MRC Corporate Reimbursement Specialist  

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