Finding Solutions for Mom

April 21, 2023

What happens when a mother needs help that a daughter can’t provide on her own?  

What happens when the help needed isn’t possible due to limited financial resources?  

Not too long ago, these were questions Gwynne was challenged to answer for her mom, Nan.  Nan was living independently, but her health had declined to where she needed more support than Gwynne could give on her own.  Nan was a person of modest means and neither she nor her family had the financial resources to afford the care she truly needed.

Gwynne turned to the MRC Covenant Fund which provides financial assistance to MRC residents in need.  With support from the Covenant Fund, Nan made the move from Independent Living at Crestview Unity in Bryan toa supportive level of living at Crestview Retirement Community where she is enjoying a great life while receiving the care and services she needs to thrive.

And this is where our donors can enter Nan’s story.  Assistance for Nan and over 115 other MRC residents is only available because of gifts from kind and gracious donors across the state of Texas who have a passion to ensure each older adult gets the care and services they need.  Gifts to the Covenant Fund ensure that Nan has a wonderful home complete with the dignity each older person deserves.

As we approach Mother’s Day, please consider honoring a special mom in your life with a gift today to make a difference for Nan and others like her?  

To give online, go to  

For questions, requests or more information, please reach out to Todd Partin by email at or by phone at 281-210-0139.  

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