Embracing Culture Change

April 11, 2022

MRC began a journey towards culture change in 2020 when the teams were initially introduced to The Eden Alternative, a non-profit, culture change organization dedicated to shaking up the norms within elder care. Teams are challenged to create environments that promote growth and autonomy, being sure to always place the elder as close to the decision making process as possible. Each community team goes through a concentrated period of training, study and practice before they are welcomed onto the national registry of communities who also embrace this culture. The teams are also required to present to representatives of The Eden Alternative for approval. This step is only the first milestone in the journey with three more milestones to go.

Before MRC began the journey, there was only one Eden Alternative registered community in the State of Texas. The Crossings was the first of the MRC communities to complete the initial milestone becoming the second Eden Alternative registered community in the state. The Crossings has now been joined by Mirador, Creekside, PineCrest and MRC Affordable Housing.

Learn more about The Eden Alternative at www.edenalt.org


The MRC Affordable Housing team presented to the Eden Alternative team via ZOOM and celebrated their acceptance by wearing flower themed sunglasses to represent their “Eden eyes,” because they are now trained to see things differently. 
The Creekside (top), Mirador (middle) and PineCrest (bottom) teams each celebrated the news that they have been approved with a group photo 

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