Counting Blessings

March 20, 2024

Casey Franklin and Sara Lindley work out of the Central Support Office in The Woodlands as members of the accounting team. Typically, their job duties require them to use their superior math skills to count dollars and cents, but this holiday season, they began counting something extra special, blessings. The pair worked with the MRC Affordable Housing team to build a wish list for the communities’ food pantries. Once they had taken a detailed   inventory of the need, they charged the entire MRC system to fulfill the need of the sister communities. Residents and staff across the state took up the challenge to provide the items on the list, and then some. Matthew Currie, Vice President of Operations shared, “I showed up at Mirador in my truck but quickly learned, after seeing the mountain of donations, I would need to rent a U-Haul trailer to get everything back to Bryan.” All in all, the pair generated well over two thousand food and toiletry items, each accounting for a blessing to those residents in need.


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