Affordable Housing in Bryan Hosts 10th Annual Fundraiser

July 20, 2023

Each year, the parking lot in front of Crestview Terrace in Bryan fills with antique cars and local vendors, all gathering for a fun day of raising money for a special cause.

“All funds raised at the car show go back to provide social activities and opportunities for our residents. We had about 20 cars participate, and our residents and guests were able to vote on different categories for their favorite car entered. This was the 10th year we have held the car show and it is definitely something the residents look forward to volunteering and participating in,” explained Associate Executive Director of Affordable Housing, Cassidy Currie.

With limited funds for nonessentials, due to strict HUD regulations, the group often turns to fundraising to provide various amenities and life enhancing programs to the residents. Whether it’s garden beds, exercise equipment, food pantry items, or special events, the communities rely on donors to make these things possible. For ten years and counting, the annual Car Show has been a primary way to engage local donors in the mission of MRC Affordable Housing.


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