A BIG Check Event

July 1, 2024

Oakview, one of the five MRC Affordable Housing properties, has recently received an outstanding honor that will certainly improve the community in a multitude of ways. Joy Keels, Vice President of Affordable Housing, makes it her mission to source grants and programs to benefit these residents, therefore, the news Oakview had been awarded a grant totaling over 4 million dollars was a moment of celebration indeed.

“We are so excited about what this money can do for our communities in La Porte! This grant will make a big difference,” said Keels. The money comes with some restrictions as it is specifically intended for capital improvements that will enhance the energy efficiency of the community, as well as add various benefits to the community’s protection against hurricanes or other similar occurrences. With the community positioned on the coastline, specifically on the bay, the opportunity to add improved, high wind resistant windows will be a great benefit. Additionally, there will be other upgrades to HVAC systems along with projects that will create great efficiency for the community for the long haul.

“Funding from HUD is very specific and comes with many regulations making major capital improvements and upgrades difficult to achieve without a large influx of cash. This grant opens opportunities that are above and beyond what is normally possible for a HUD subsidized community,” explained Keels.

President and CEO Alan Brown, gives a great deal of the credit to the excellent team at Oakview while crediting Keels for leading the charge. “Joy is a great leader who works tirelessly to source grants and various funding that make MRC’s Affordable Housing communities truly exceptional. I encourage anyone to visit these communities in person to see how impressive the housing made available to these residents really is, all thanks to Joy and her team,” said Brown.

In mid-May representatives from HUD came to present Keels with the money and host what they call a “Big Check Event.” The event was a time of celebration as the residents and staff of MRC gathered to witness the exciting moment. Representatives from Joe Biden’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) team were in attendance and presented the team with the funds.


Pictured above from left to right: Erica Ysaguirre, Don Stephens, Kim Randell, Alice Gonzalez, Jason Ochoa, Joy Keels, Zach Hodson, Sally Munos, Cassidy Currie, and Alan Brown.  


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