25 Years with MRC

July 8, 2024

A multitude of things took place in the year 1998, Titanic was in     theaters, Shania Twain was topping the music charts, Google was  founded, and Frances Beltran walked into Methodist Retirement  Communities for her first day in her new job. Frances was initially hired as MRC’s Human Resources Specialist before moving to the Corporate  Director of Human Resources, and finally, the Vice     President of Human Resources. In her twenty-five years with the    organization, she has earned the unofficial role of MRC historian. Whether it’s the retelling of evacuating residents during Hurricane Ike and Rita or sheltering in place during Hurricane Harvey, she is the one who can fill in all the gaps as she was boots on the ground during both mega-storms. She has also seen the organization through significant growth. When Frances started in her role, there were only seven MRC communities. Since that time, six more communities have been added to that number, making MRC roughly double the size it was when she started. Of course, this type of growth means the job has also increased as more and more employees require training, education, and support. Yet, along the way, Frances still volunteers to take on extra duties when MRC is in need. Her “whatever it takes” attitude was on full display during the COVID pandemic of 2020. “The senior living industry had a disproportionate volume of adaptations and regulation changes during the peak of the pandemic. Things were happening so fast, but our teams in the field were so overwhelmed with    managing things that we knew we needed someone who would serve as the MRC COVID expert, monitoring all regulations and changes to share with the teams to implement. Frances never flinched at the magnitude of the role which ended up being a seven day a week job in the beginning. I can remember getting on conference calls on Saturdays, Sundays, and even late-late at night. But I also remember that Frances never complained, she just led the team with calm instruction and a seemingly endless supply of encouragement,” recalled Jill Janes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. When you don’t find Frances giving her all to MRC, you’ll most certainly find her with her daughters, or cheering on her favorite baseball team, the Houston Astros!  Thank you Frances for your unwavering dedication for over 25 years!  


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