2022 ICARE Champions Honored

March 10, 2023

The 2022 ICARE Champions were honored at a Board Meeting in February where they were each treated to a day at a spa along with the guest of their choice. These top performers are nominated and later selected by their peers as standing out from the crowd when it comes to demonstrating the ICARE values in their daily work. One by one, their awards were presented along with incredible stories of how each of these employees goes above and beyond the duties of their job. “These employees represent the best of the best. The stories of their compassion and dedication are inspiring,” said Alan Brown, President and CEO.

Central Support Services– Alicia Manley, pictured with Don  Stephens and Alan Brown 
PineCrest– Jerome Stubblefield, pictured with Heath Foust and Alan Brown 
Cornerstone– Sydney Elmore, pictured with Britany Gavriel and Alan Brown 
Creekside– Elizabeth Brown, pictured with James Logan and Alan Brown 
Mirador– Adrian Chapa, pictured with Deborah Nugent and Alan Brown 
The Langford– Paula Seale, pictured with Stacey Nehring and Alan Brown 
Affordable Housing– Elizabeth Hernandez,  pictured with Joy Keels and Alan Brown 
Crestview– Sharon Byrd, pictured with Matthew Currie and Alan Brown 
Stevenson Oaks– Taylor Turner, pictured with Kristi Baird and Alan Brown 
The Crossings– Teresa Wilkinson, pictured with Greg Rossi and Alan Brown 

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