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10 Ways Senior Living Communities INCREASE your independence

One of the most persistent myths about senior living communities is, “I’ll lose my independence.”  Some think of retirement communities as akin to “nursing homes,” but nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, residents in Independent Living neighborhoods find they have MORE INDEPENDENCE than they ever imagined. Some find they have extra time …

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Hurricane Harvey: Memories Linger One Year Later

In the late afternoon hours of August 25, 2017, a Category 4 storm named “Harvey” began rolling into the Houston metro area. It would eventually dump more than 50 inches of rain and strike the Texas coast with winds up to 130mph. The storm brought unprecedented amounts of rain to an area stretching from the …

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What’s the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s?

The terms are often used interchangeably, but it’s incorrect to do so. In this video, noted dementia expert Tam Cummings, PhD, provides and explanation of the terms. Further, she provides vital information about what is happening to the brain when a person suffers memory loss. This information is crucial for loved ones to understand.

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5 Tips to Help Your Brain Age Well

Good overall health is important to good brain health. Exercise helps us maintain good overall health, and the same goes for the brain. In this video, noted dementia expert Tam Cummings provides five activities that help maintain good brain health as we age.

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The Top Five Reasons to Choose a Retirement Community for 2018

The turn of a new year often prods us to resolve to make important life changes. If you think 2018 is the time to begin living those “someday dreams,” you may want to start by researching the wide range of retirement communities available today. The demand for senior housing is greatly increasing, with 10,000 Baby …

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