"I love how the WYSE program has been received by my NHS students. The students that are taking part are having a great time learning from their senior buddies and are learning a lot."
Jennifer Wellman, a teacher at Rudder High School, Bryan/College Station

"The goal of this program is to fully engage the community with those who reside in retirement communities. WYSE develops future leaders of the community, teaches inter-generational respect for one another, and keeps our seniors feeling important and connected to the community. As an added plus, the participants develop fast friendships that last beyond the 10-week program."
Ron Jennette, President and CEO for Methodist Retirement Communities

Lessons Learned

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Hailie, a National Honor Society student from Bryan High School, enjoyed the WYSE program so much she repeated it for a second semester. Her mentor, Marvin Small, suffered a stroke a few years ago. His speech was impaired and he was difficult to understand. She quickly learned to interpret his speech and encouraged him to open up to her. They shared background, stories and learned a lot from each other over their 10-week WYSE program.   Mr. Small passed away this June.  Hailie and her family attended his memorial service and she was invited to say a few words. She was so choked up she couldn't get the words out. Mr. Small's daughter began to tell family and friends about the WYSE program and how much it meant to Mr. Small, sharing light-hearted details that made everyone smile. She then turned to Hailie and asked, "what was the saying the two of you came up with?" Hailie smiled, "Be happy. Nobody likes a sourpuss."