We would like to share the WYSE program materials with interested high schools, senior living communities, church youth groups and more!

Our WYSE materials have been prepared by teaching professionals and staff in our retirement communities. We have tested them with our protégé - mentor pairs and incorporated their feedback. They have found a lot of value in each lesson. Here's a sample of our WYSE lesson plan on budgeting your money. In addition, we have prepared a Student Recruitment brochure that you might find useful. These materials and more like them are available to you for purchase.

The entire package of WYSE materials including orientation program materials, 11 lesson plans, evaluation forms, final reception materials, and much more are available to you for a small charge of $495. If you are a non-profit, call us first for our non-profit price code for a price reduction.

Request WYSE Materials

For more detailed information or to order WYSE Materials, call 281-210-0133 or email mrcfoundation@mrcaff.org.

WYSE Consultants

Our WYSE program is easy to run but we are happy to get you started with a conversation by phone or in person. Call us at 281-210-0133.