Wisdom for Youth from Senior Expertise - 

Our WYSE Program

Life's Lessons Learned and Shared

The WYSE program was launched in 2012 as a program to promote intergenerational learning through shared experiences with MRC residents and the local National Honors Society members and High School students.

The student participants learn the value of a mentor relationship, gain helpful personal direction and witness first-hand the value of planning for retirement. The residents are inspired, engaged, and acquire an even broader sense of belonging to their local community. The relationships built and lessons learned between our WYSE participants are sure to carry far beyond this program.

At the end of each 10-week session, students and their senior mentors work together to decide which "pearl of knowledge" will be etched into a paver that will form the steps of a permanent "Walk of WYSE-dom" at their MRC Community. In essence, our senior mentors provide the gift of "words to live by" as students begin their walk through life.

"I love how the WYSE program has been received by my NHS students. The students that are taking part are having a great time learning from their senior buddies and are learning a lot."  Jennifer Wellman, a teacher at Rudder High School, Bryan/College Station.

WYSE Incorporates High Academic Standards

Students in the participating high schools go through a selective application process, commit to fulfilling 10 volunteer hours, and receive up to 15 hours of community service to use toward college applications.

The program applies a thorough, academic approach to its design and implementation. Each student is provided a list of carefully constructed questions to ask the senior mentor, and students are carefully matched with their mentors based on career interests and other lifestyle factors.

The senior mentors share experiences of their successful pasts as teachers, professional athletes, judges, pilots, moms, and CEOs of companies. The WYSE program has a tremendous positive effect on the senior mentors, all of whom look forward to visits from their new youthful friends. As well, student participants report positive experiences, gaining "pearls of knowledge" that will last a lifetime.


For more information on the WYSE program and how you can help, call 281.210.0139 or email mrcfoundation@mrcaff.org.