Discover the endless benefits of volunteering. Many exciting opportunities are available for resident and community volunteers. Volunteers of all ages serve throughout each of MRC's communities. Volunteers receive personal joy and fulfillment while the individual communities are enhanced and blessed.

Volunteer opportunities may include:

  • Activities and Entertainment - assist with resident activities / outings; provide music or other entertainment
  • Friendly Visits - provide companionship through individual or small group visits
  • Special Events - host, decorate, entertain, set-up and cleanup
  • Gift Shop - check-out clerk for gifts and food items sold in the store
  • Wheelchair Transport - escort residents to worship services, events and activities, or other areas of the community 

MRC is grateful for the many volunteers that give their time to our communities. In 2012, we were blessed with over 300 volunteers serving over 10,000 hours.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, whether as an individual or as a group, please contact the MRC community near you. If you've got the time, we've got the opportunity!