Short-Term Rehabilitation

Our compassionate team helps residents regain strength and independence as quickly as possible by providing exceptional rehabilitation services, including;

-Personalized therapy sessions, up to 5 days per week
-Personalized attention for residents needing occupational, physical or speech therapy
-Expertise with a variety of conditions, including:
   -Orthopedic and joint replacement Neurologic and stroke recovery
   -Cardiac care
   -Pain management

 Skilled Nursing Coverage

We understand that the complications of Medicare and Medicaid can becoming remarkably overwhelming.The first steps to understanding your options, starts with our health care administrator at Crestview. With a wealth of knowledge and eagerness to help residents and their families our health care administrator is available to assist residents with any questions that they may come across. Two common questions are:

What's the difference in Medicare and Medicaid?

While both are government run programs, you have to qualify for Medicaid by proving you do not have the financial resources to pay for your care.

Which is for longer stays?

Medicaid is for longer stays. Medicare only pays for the first 100 days and will only pay if the patient shows progress. After Medicare is finished paying and the patient still cannot go home, either the patient or their insurance will have to pay.

From private insurance to medicare and medicaid our health care administrators can help find the answers to ease your process.