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Active and Involved -- Older Americans increasingly bypass the rocking chair


Getting older isn't what it used to be, and Mickey Dupré, a resident of PineCrest Retirement Community in Lufkin, TX, is a good example.

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Lufkin author draws on military experience to spin tales of terror


After a 28-year career in the Air Force, Col. Paul Barber put the insights he gained to pen two novels: "America in the Crosshairs" and "Taming the Sword."

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New Year's exercise resolutions -- they're not just for people under 65


Earl Parker, age 80, is an example of how a varied exercise routine can work for people over 65.

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Globetrotting couple still lives the "retire and travel" dream


A couple living at PineCrest Retirement Community in Lufkin, Texas always dreamed of retirement travel. They still travel, even now in their 80s.

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Doris Gage's Best Ever Birthday Present


A birthday reunion party on July 9, 2016, was a wish come true for a retired dormitory director. Doris Gage worked with many student employees at Collins Dormitory on the Baylor University campus in Waco, Texas. From 1979 to 1995, she supervised almost 200. Thirteen of them showed up at her 90th birthday party to laugh, hug and reminisce about those days. It was truly the best ever birthday reunion for Doris Gage.

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Older Americans Month Carnival at PineCrest


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Care That Goes Beyond Fancy Finishes


What's more important: quality care or fancy finishes? At PineCrest, we believe that our residents deserve to receive the highest quality care from the most qualified and compassionate staff.

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Independent Living and the Holidays: Celebrating Community


The holidays can be a stressful time of year, even though it should be a time of cheer. Discover how residing in independent living can take some check marks off your to-do list and allow you to spend more time being merry with loved ones!

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Lufkin physician notes PineCrest impact on health care and health of local economy


Dr. Sid Roberts, physician and columnist, provides statistics on the positive impact of health care on the local economy, with special emphasis and statistics on the contribution of PineCrest Retirement Community.

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PineCrest debuts transitional rehab center


New rehab center at PineCrest Retirement Community in Lufkin, Texas, features all new equipment and even pre-hab to help patients heal faster and maintain independence. The center serves patients from the PineCrest community as well as those from the Lufkin area.

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