Care That Goes Beyond Fancy Finishes


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What happens when you need short-term rehabilitation? Receiving the highest quality of care when you need it most is of the utmost importance to you and your family. When looking for the right care, it's easy to be marveled by the decorations and the pretty wallpaper, but these fancy finishes are not the best indicator of high quality care.

Short-term care can ease the transition from your hospital stay and home during the period where you require medical monitoring and rehabilitative care. Short-term care is typically no longer than 30 days and greatly helps people who have undergone surgery or other medical procedures that required hospitalization.

There are important factors to consider when choosing a transitional rehabilitation facility. Those factors include:

  • Certification
  • Insurance coverage
  • Qualified staff
  • Specialized care


First and foremost, ensure that the center you're looking into is licensed and certified to provide short-term rehabilitation services. To learn whether or not an organization is certified or licensed to provide care services, it's important to ask the center whether they have been certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Insurance Coverage

Will the center you're looking into accept your insurance? When speaking to a center about insurance, make sure to ask how the cost for the services are taken care of. Some services are considered extra and may not be part of the basic services. A rehabilitation center should be approved to accept Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. PineCrest Rehabilitation Services accepts Medicare and the majority of private insurance.

Experienced Staff

You don't want your loved one's care to be handled by inexperienced staff. Seek care where the staff exceeds all the qualifications and have the certifications to provide the highest quality of care to your loved one. The rehabilitation treatment staff at PineCrest will go beyond these qualifications and will ensure you or your loved one is getting proper care.

Specialized Care

There is no "one size fits all" plan when it comes to a person's rehabilitation needs. Finding care that will help you or a loved one meet their rehab goals and get into the comfort of their home is key. An individualized care plan is created when a person enters treatment based on their needs, goals and prior health history. A physiatrist will oversee the individual's care.

A specialized care plan can include different types of therapies, including occupational, respiratory or speech therapy. Individuals will also receive care coordination, recreational activities and medication management.

Rehabilitation at PineCrest

On top of the above mentioned factors to look for, you need to ensure that the community you choose will always provide care for you, no matter what. Whether it's going from independent living to rehab or assisted living, you will find all of the above and more at PineCrest Transitional Rehabilitation Center. Our goal is to help individuals make a seamless transition between the hospital and their home. Here are a few additional care options that PineCrest provides:

Outpatient and Inpatient Therapy

Both inpatients and outpatients receive a customized care plan that includes occupational, speech and physical therapy among other specialized therapies. We want our residents to grow stronger and return home safely. For those receiving outpatient care, we want them to significantly increase their level of function in their typical day-to-day activities.


It's important for those we serve to prepare for medical procedures. "Pre-hab" therapy at PineCrest helps residents strengthen their body before undergoing medical procedures and surgeries. This form of therapy helps speed up post-operative healing. For residents who live alone or have little to no support system, "pre-hab" can be very important.

Other short-term rehabilitation services include:

  • Occupational, speech and physical therapy
  • 24-hour skilled nursing care
  • Respite care
  • IV certified
  • Wound vac
  • Whole person wellness
  • Nutritious and delicious meals
  • Social and educational activities
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments

At PineCrest, you'll find compassion and the highest level of professionalism from our therapists and staff. We give you or your loved one the high quality care they deserve and the care we would want for our own families. We help our residents heal faster and return to their lives. PineCrest will give you a helping hand, an ear that will always listen and a caring environment that will help you on your path to wellness.

If you are looking for short-term rehabilitation services or know of someone who needs rehabilitative care, please contact us today for more information or to schedule a visit.