Why More Seniors are Choosing Assisted Living


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A survey by The United Council on Aging, states that assisted living is the number one care option for aging seniors looking for additional care. This shows that seniors see assisted living communities as a desirable place to spend their later years. The understood that moving to an assisted living community does not mean that you're giving up on living the life you want. It simply gives you the ability to live your life as you want with services and amenities that you may otherwise not receive. Because of this, more and more, seniors are making it their choice to live in an assisted living community like PineCrest.

Socially Active Environment

Instead of spending your later years alone in your home, let assisted living communities give you the opportunity to thrive in a socially engaging and active environment. Assisted living communities aren't quite like they used to be. Individuals are now entering communities younger than ever before. In 2014, nearly 38 percent of seniors reported exercising every day! Because of this, assisted living communities are taking note of the specific requests and needs of each one of their residents and are incorporating engaging social events on their calendars. Not only is this a fun addition to everyday life, it's also beneficial to aging seniors as keeping socially active has multiple health benefits. Many senior communities have game nights, movie nights and day excursions to local restaurants or town events for their residents. These planned outings and social events are just another bonus to living in the comfort of an assisted living facility.

Safe and Stress-Free Environment

Imagine if retiring meant that you could also retire from everyday household chores. With assisted living, you can! Instead of doing all the heavy lifting that a home requires, seniors are now letting go of the burden of regular housekeeping by moving to an assisted living community. This gives them the freedom to enjoy time with other residents and visitors as they please. No more snow to shovel, meals to prepare, lawns to mow or landscaping to maintain. Your assisted living community is fully equipped to care for all of your physical and emotional needs. Residents aren't the only ones finding comfort in the benefits of an assisted living community - your family and loved ones will too. Being a caregiver comes with its own set of stressors and difficulties. Caregivers will rest assured that their loved ones are receiving exceptional care while enjoying life to its fullest.

Continuing CareĀ 

As we age, our need for additional care increases. Find comfort knowing that you can live independently in an assisted living community, while still having access to all of your health care needs. With a caring team available when needed, peace of mind is absolute for both residents and their loved ones. As you enter an assisted living community, you may not have the need for all of the care available.

Should additional assistance be needed at a later point, it's imperative to have quality care as readily available as possible. Whether it's receiving transportation to and from doctors appointments or the grocery store, to simply assistance with daily activities, your assisted living community is here to help. With the ability to live life the way you want, and receive 24 hour care, it's no wonder seniors are finding assisted living communities as a great transition into their later years!

With communities like PineCrest, it's easy to see why seniors are making it their choice to become residents. When you first set foot on the grounds of PineCrest, you may not even realize that you're in an assisted living facility. With beautiful gardens and over 55 acres for our residents to enjoy, our community seems more like a vacation destination than anything else. With walking paths, community gatherings and excursions to movies and local events, the PineCrest difference is above and beyond traditional senior living. For more information on what PineCrest Assisted living can do for you, call us today!

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