MRC Lifestyle

A Lifestyle of Your Choice

Some days the feel of sunshine on your face is all that matters. The next day it's shopping and lunch with the grandkids. Other days, it's a worship service that allows your spirit to soar. Whatever really matters to you, matters to us, as well.

Our aim is to support the way you want to live, so we take a holistic approach to providing lifestyle choices that cater to your daily whims.  All of our programs and activities promote physical, mental and spiritual well being to foster a community of healthy living.  Here, you choose to live life how you want to live it -  while enjoying the comfort of being surrounded by people who care.

At our communities we welcome everyone regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, color, disability or nationality. 

Our communities offer a wide range of healthy living choices:

  • A variety of nutritious dining options
  • Fitness classes and wellness programs
  • Ongoing learning opportunities like lectures, discussions and interest groups
  • Community connection through volunteer opportunities and philanthropic events
  • Recreational activities
  • Social and cultural events and outings
  • Creative expression through arts classes
  • Worship services for a variety of denominations