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How to tell when it's time for assisted living or memory support


Adult children struggle with deciding if the time is right to move mom or dad to a supervised care setting. Here are nine signs that can help you decide.

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What's the most common phrase uttered by independent senior living residents?


Seniors who move into independent living retirement communities are often surprised to repeat this oft-heard lament, especially after taking years to make the decision.

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Tips for starting a conversation with siblings about your aging parents' need for care


Whether you have one sibling, or many, adult children often find themselves at odds over what to do when parents show signs of needing help. Conflicts can arise because one or more sibling may be unaware of the parents' decline. Other conflicts arise when siblings disagree on the type of help needed.

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What's the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's?


"Dementia" and "Alzheimer's" are often used interchangeably to describe memory loss, but the two terms are not the same. Noted memory expert Tam Cummings, PhD, explains the difference and also provides explanations that are crucial to understand about people with memory loss. This video provides crucial understanding of what is going on inside the heads of people with memory loss.

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5 Tips to Help Your Brain Age Well


Noted dementia expert Tam Cummings provides five activities that help your brain retain its "thinking power" as you age.

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Seven Strategies to minimize "I want to go home" from noted dementia expert Tam Cummings


Individuals with dementia often request to "go home." Dementia expert Tam Cummings provides seven strategies to minimize this behavior.

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The Top Five Reasons to Choose a Retirement Community for 2018


If you're looking for reasons to begin considering a move to a retirement community, take a look at the top five benefits that current residents mention the most.

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The holiday visit home--how much has Mom or Dad changed and could it be dementia?


Dementia can be difficult to diagnose in the initial stages. This blog provides a list of warning signs.

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Striving for excellence in MRC retirement communities


Excellence is the fifth and final value represented by ICARE, which stands for Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. At MRC, ICARE is a primary focus for recruiting, retaining and training, along with employee evaluations and recognition.

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Worried about an aging loved one? Consider these tips and topics before you have "the talk"


If you believe it's time to "have the talk" with an older loved one about their current living arrangement and future needs, this article provides a list of things to consider.

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