PineCrest Rehabilitation

Helping You Reach Your Wellness Goals

Some medical procedures and surgeries require rehabilitative care afterward. At PineCrest transitional rehab center, we provide short-term transitional inpatient rehab services to individuals who require recovery care.

Transitional inpatient therapy works to improve the overall health of individuals who have left the hospital, but are not quite ready to return home. Our transitional inpatient rehab employs a unique, open concept space design that provides a seamless transition from the hospital rehab setting. It also provides improved communication and observance opportunities among all members of the care team, and this improves the coordination of care and helps ensure better outcomes.

Care That's Customized 

Upon admission to PineCrest transitional rehab, a care plan will be developed to meet your specific needs. A physiatrist will oversee each individual's care, along with nursing and therapy professionals.

With a fully licensed staff on site, each with a specialized area of expertise, our rehab team has one consistent goal in mind: To help you with a faster and fuller recovery. They coordinate with you and your family or caretaker to develop a customized treatment plan, set goals, and assess your abilities as you move to higher levels of function.

What's a day-in-the-life like at PineCrest transitional rehab? Each is designed specifically to meet your individual needs. Your time is not spent confined to the bed or the room, but rather participating in various therapies and activities for the majority of the day.  

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Do you have an upcoming surgery and know you will require further rehabilitation once you are released from the hospital? Allow PineCrest to get your on the road to full recovery faster! Learn more about our rehabilitation services by calling Amy Lawrence at 866-696-9932 or online:  contacting us today!