What is Short-Term Skilled Nursing

If the time comes where an individual needs more care than home services can provide, short-term skilled nursing is a fantastic option. This is especially true when someone finds the need for rehabilitation from an injury or illness, or even a surgery. For example, after an individual has had hip surgery, they'll have to strengthen the muscles surrounding their hip to regain function and return to life as they knew it before. The services provided to short-term residents is the same top-notch care Crestview's skilled nursing permanent residents receive. The main differences you will find between the two is the length of your stay and the end goal.

With short-term skilled nursing, we help residents regaining strength and independence as quickly as possible by providing exceptional therapy and rehabilitation services with the goal of transitioning the resident back to their home.

Short-term skilled nursing is also a good option for caregivers who find they are unable to provide the needed care needed after an injury or surgery, or need a break from the many responsibilities associated with being the primary care provider. For example, if a work trip or vacation comes up, our team of skilled nurses are able to provide necessary care until the caregiver returns.

The care provided to an individual in short-term skilled nursing care could range from days to even months. See how short-term skilled nursing can make a difference in your life or a loved one's- contact our team today!