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2/24/17:  Resident David Lee featured in The Eagle

At HIAS Symposium, Nobel Prize winners discuss their revolutionary findings

12/8/16:  Making news!

Arbor Oaks residents remember WWII experiences in a volume of first-person stories

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Proposed "Granny Tax" seeks to fund Medicaid by taxing private pay nursing home residents


Ron Jennette, president & CEO of Methodist Retirement Communities weighs in on the potential unintended consequences of levying a new and substantial tax on private pay nursing home residents by two bills introduced to the 2017 Texas Legislature.

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Resident gardening expert shares his knowledge in The Eagle


Twice a month, Arbor Oaks at Crestview resident gardener Elmer Krehbiel shares his knowledge with the Bryan-College Station community

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W.A.L.K. program encourages healthy lifestyle habits


Nancy Knutson, the lifestyle director at Crestview Retirement Community is out to change seniors' misconceptions of exercise. This year, she created the W.A.L.K. Program for residents living in the community as a way to raise awareness of the value of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The acronym stands for Wellness Activities to increase Longevity and Kuality of life.

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Visiting elderly loved ones for the holidays? Look for signs of needed help


The holidays bring a good opportunity to look for signs that older loved ones may need assistance.

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The agony and ecstasy of right sizing for retirement community living


How do you turn the agony of moving and downsizing for retirement community living into ecstasy? Read how one resident accomplished it.

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Arbor Oaks residents do their part to save the Monarch butterfly


Residents at Crestview Retirement Community in Bryan, Texas have established a program to help save the Monarch butterfly by providing habitat and a food source.

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WYSE Program kicks off for the 2016 school year


WYSE is a program that pairs a senior mentor with a high school student for a 10-week study providing valuable life lessons.

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What You Need to Know About Retirement and Mistakes to Avoid


Have you started planning for retirement or has it been put off? By failing to plan for retirement, you could be left in a vulnerable position. Prepare yourself by avoiding these mistakes!

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Downsizing Today for an Easier Tomorrow


For many retirees, the hassle of owning a home has become tiring. If this is you, you're not alone! If you're ready to downsize your life, check out these 10 quick and easy tips!

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7 Steps to Heal Faster and Feel Better Post-Op


Find out what steps you should take before and after surgery to ensure a smooth healing process.

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