6 Surprising Myths about Skilled Rehabilitation


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Many myths are swirling around the terms "skilled nursing" and "skilled rehabilitation." But we all know you can't believe everything you hear. One common misconception: Skilled nursing center is just another name for "nursing home." While many people use the two terms relating to nursing homes and skilled nursing centers interchangeably, this practice tends to lead to increased misunderstanding of the differences between skilled nursing centers and nursing homes.

Common Myths About Skilled Rehabilitation

Myth #1: Skilled Rehabilitation is Like a HospitalMyths about skilled rehabilitation

Patients residing in a skilled rehabilitation center require comprehensive care and time to heal, but the environment can differ strikingly from a hospital. At Creekside, residents in skilled rehabilitation community enjoy a comfortable, home-like setting and attention from encouraging, compassionate therapists and caregivers.

Myth #2: Residents Lack the Ability to Live Independentlyskilled rehabilitation myths

In general, rehabilitation centers exist to help people get back to full functioning after medical procedures, stroke, heart attack and other disabling conditions. This differs dramatically from nursing homes, which exist to provide care for people whose conditions prevent them from living independently. At Creekside, our objective is to help you heal and return home as quickly as possible.

Myth #3: Residents Must Stay on SiteCreekside skilled rehabilitation

One of the most misunderstood facts of rehabilitation centers around the freedom to enjoy a short break from the center. At Creekside special events and outings provide a needed getaway and can actually help speed the healing process. Events and outing help our residents maintain social ties with fellow residents, friends and loved ones. Activities may include a picnic, trips to movies or local attractions, or trying out a new or long-time favorite restaurant.

Creekside also provides rehabilitation care on an outpatient basis. Individuals receiving outpatient care come to our center on a scheduled basis to receive therapy and then return to the comfort of their home.

Myth #4: The Food is not GoodCommon skilled rehabilitation myths

At Creekside, our executive director spent many years in the foodservice industry and has significantly raised the bar in both the quality of food offered as well as the variety and presentation. Good nutrition plays a critical role in the journey to wellness. Our on-site dietitian works alongside our talented chefs and internal staff to create menus that combine nutritional value with mouthwatering appeal to exceed our resident's expectations.

Myth #5: Residents Have Little PrivacySkilled nursing and rehabilitation myths

We understand the importance personal space. Creekside strives to achieve an appropriate balance between ensuring privacy while simultaneously maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Myth #6: All Skilled Rehabilitation Centers are the SameCreekside skilled rehabilitation care

When considering for a skilled rehabilitation center, research matters. Start with reputation. Ask friends, loved ones and co-workers about their rehab experiences. Take note of a community that stands out for all the right reasons. Creekside has provided care to Huntsville-area residents for more than 25 years, and we take pride in delivering compassionate and excellent care to our community. When doing your research, make sure that the center not only provides the skilled nursing and rehabilitation care that you or a loved one needs, but also has a solid reputation for high quality care.

Why Choose Creekside Skilled Rehabilitation?Choosing Creekside skilled care

Why You May Need Skilled Rehabilitation Care

Three separate roads make up an individual's journey at Creekside Skilled Rehabilitation. They are:

  • Customized plan to meet your needs. A customized therapy plan developed by our skilled professionals will address the individual needs and the personal preferences of the person served.
  • Exceptional care options. Care comes in many forms and, at Creekside, we offer a variety of specialized therapies, including cardiovascular therapy, speech and language therapy and neurotherapy.
  • Care continues beyond Creekside. Whether you receive therapy on an in- or out-patient basis, our assistance can extend to other areas of care. Our skilled staff can accompany individuals to doctor's appointment, or provide an in-home assessment to pinpoint fall dangers or other conditions that might slow recovery. Extended care helps ensure seamless communication between our care team and their physician.

Put Your Trust in Creekside Rehabilitation Therapy

Trust Creekside skilled care
Creekside Skilled Rehabilitation Therapy, shatters the myths that surround skilled nursing and rehabilitation care. We provide the highest quality of care to our residents and outpatients in a beautiful environment that feels like home. Our goals are the same for both residents and nonresidents alike. We strive to get individuals back on their feet and return quickly to their everyday lives.

Do you or a loved one need senior skilled rehabilitation care? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. Want to learn a little more about skilled rehabilitation? Check out our page to find answers to your skilled rehabilitation questions.