How to Know It's Time for Retirement Living


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How do you know when it's time to make the move?

Ten to fifteen years after retirement, many people begin to think about a change of lifestyle. In the early years after retiring, many focus on catching up on things they couldn't do during their working years, like home maintenance projects, taking up a new hobby, or indulging in extended travel opportunities. But after a while, thoughts often begin to turn in a different direction.

See if you recognize yourself in any of the following statements:

Taking care of the house is becoming a drag on my lifestyle.

After years of owning your home and enjoying life as a homeowner, do you wonder more lately if you own the house, or if the house owns you? Many grow weary of the constant upkeep and the associated expenses, and that means it may be time to consider a move to the carefree lifestyle offered by a retirement community like Cornerstone. Here custodians, maintenance workers and housekeepers relieve you of all the chores associated with homeownership.

I'm tired of mowing the lawn, or constantly paying someone to do the work.

Like home maintenance, lawn and landscape maintenance costs add up over time. And if you do the work yourself, maybe you've reached a point where you'd prefer to do something more enjoyable than mow, weed and trim. In a retirement community, the beautifully landscaped grounds exist for you to enjoy-not to toil over.

I've cooked meals for years, and I'm ready to take a break from it.

One of the nicest benefits of retirement community living is the level of independence provided. With fully outfitted kitchens in each living space, you choose how much or how little you want to cook. Not in the mood to fix dinner today? No problem! With the dining services at Cornerstone, you can enjoy restaurant-style dining and plenty of opportunities to visit with friends, or invite your family to join you for a meal. The best part of all-there's no prep, no cooking and no clean-up! Just pure enjoyment.

Bills, bills, bills! I'm weary from keeping up with all the payments.

Home insurance, utilities, real estate taxes, home services-it seems the pile of bills related to homeownership grows every year. If you've grown weary of tracking and paying so many bills, you can make them all disappear and trim down to one easy monthly payment. At retirement communities like Cornerstone, one monthly check covers most of your living expenses, and it can compare quite similarly to the sum of the many checks you write each month as a homeowner!

I'm feeling more and more alone and cut off from other people.

Beyond the hassles of paying bills, cooking, and the upkeep of a home lies the social aspects of remaining in your house. Many people find their contact with others dwindles over the years. Children move to distant cities. You lose touch with friends. If you find your contact with others is significantly limited, a move to a retirement community can bring a dramatic improvement in this important area. Recent studies show that people who do not have face-to-face contact with others on a regular basis suffer more from depression and can even experience a shortened life expectancy.  A retirement community provides a wealth of opportunities to make new friends and enrich your life in ways that may be difficult, or even impossible when living at home.

Independent Living and Retirement

Forget what you think you know about retirement communities and open your eyes to the new age of retirement living at Cornerstone. The combination of beautiful environments, affordable amenities and health care at their fingertips convinces many retirees to make the move to independent living.

Health Care is Available if You Need it

Residing at Cornerstone means you have access to 24-hour health care from a team of skilled health care professionals. Why is this important? Cornerstone residents can safely maintain their independence while at the same time gain the peace-of-mind that a safety net is in place if they ever need it. Types of care available at Cornerstone include:

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Assisted Living
  • Rehabilitation
  • Memory Care
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies
  • Chronic Condition Management
  • Home Health Services

Maintain Your Active Lifestyle

Independent living often enhances one's lifestyle. Cornerstone Independent Living Community allows residents to maintain an active social life with varied entertainment, events and activities happening within the community. In addition to events at Cornerstone, Texarkana provides a vibrant lifestyle within a mid-sized city that offers plenty to see and do.

Other aspects of your lifestyle, such as traveling or gardening, do not have to change when you move into an independent living community. If traveling is your passion, you get a lock-and-leave lifestyle. Finally, you don't have to worry about the safety of your house or if someone is collecting your mail or watering the plants. Cornerstone Independent Living handles all of these things while you're away. If gardening is your passion, there is no reason to give it up. Residents living in the Woods Edge Patio Homes can plant flowers to make their home even more beautiful, and community gardens within the community provide places to congregate, socialize and savor the joy of gardening.

Enjoy a Variety of Comfortable Living Options

Some individuals realize they're no longer interested in the hassles of homeownership once they retire, but they aren't entirely sure what the next step is. This is where independent living becomes an excellent option. Cornerstone Independent Living Community provides retirees with a worry-free, care-free lifestyle.

Cornerstone offers multiple housing options to meet the wants and needs of its residents. Individuals who want to be close to Cornerstone's services and amenities may find our apartment options suit them best. For those who want to remain close to Cornerstone services, but still have a single family home, the Woods Edge Patio Homes provide the best of both worlds. No matter if you desire an apartment or a patio home, a 24-hour emergency response system comes with both options.

  • Atrium Apartments. The size of the independent living apartments can range from 614 to 1,007 square feet. Each apartment features newly renovated, high-end finishes and an open concept living area that includes a fully equipped kitchen. Residents can furnish and decorate the apartment to their liking, and each includes a spacious balcony or patio.
  • Woods Edge Patio Homes. Cornerstone offers five different floor plans in its patio home neighborhood, ranging from 1,490 to 3,200 square feet. Each includes high-end finishes, spacious walk-in closets and a fully equipped kitchen with custom built cabinetry. Some additional customization is available.

Live Retirement Your Way at Cornerstone

Are you ready for the next chapter? Making the move to retirement living is no less exciting than getting the keys to your first home. The experience and transition provides you opportunities to discover new interests, make new friends or rekindle old relationships, and simply have more time to enjoy life. In short, retirement provides you the time you've dreamed of to devote your time and energy to the things that make you happy.

If this feels like something you're ready for, congratulations! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to view our beautiful housing options. We can't wait for you to find your dream home at Cornerstone!