The Impact of Baby Boomers on Independent Living


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The Baby Boomer generation is approximately 76 million strong and heading straight for retirement. What does this mean, exactly? Well, simply imagine that many people looking to make a move from work to retirement and again from home to an independent living community all at the same time. The impact this will have on community environments is unavoidable. One of the largest areas impacted by the boomer generation is the retirement and independent living communities. The demand for both independent and assisted living communities is going to continue to multiply dramatically with a major increase in individuals needing care.

Luxurious Lifestyle Changes

Not only is the demand of assisted living on the rise, so is the lifestyle and living standards at each community. Assisted living facilities are transforming into luxury living estates with all the amenities you could dream of, and then some. Gone are the days of "hospital" like settings. People are looking for a new home and community that resembles their previous lifestyle as much as possible, without the baggage that comes with it. Knowing you can reap the benefits of a pool and many other amenities while never lifting a finger to maintain it is a huge plus for retirees.

More Socially Engaging Environments

Independent living communities are making more than just building upgrades and changes. Baby Boomers are also encouraging the change to a more socially active environment. This is encouraging independent living communities add more events to their social calendar and increase daily activity options. The ability to give residents socially-engaging and active environments is not something that is considered a perk as it once was. It's now considered more of a necessity than it has been in the past. Residents enjoy game nights, dances, group vacations and more. Things like Wi-Fi and cable TV used to be luxury items to look for, but over the years these amenities and others have evolved to be an expectation for individuals pursuing independent living.

Social events aren't the only thing important to baby boomers. The ability to keep in touch with the younger generation is also high on their list. More and more individuals expect communities to offer educational courses in the latest technology. This allows residents to communicate with their younger family members much easier than in the past when the only option was a land line. Because of this, communities are offering services to help accommodate this sort to education. Many places even offer programs that allow residents to share stories and have conversations with younger generations. This keeps both baby boomers and younger generations connected in a way that used to be overlooked.

Are You a Baby Boomer?

Many individuals work the majority of their adult life with plans to retire comfortably, financially and personally. But before you get to the point where you are ready to retire, there are a few things left to consider to enjoy the transition into the next major phase of your life. Whether you plan on making the move to an assisted living facility today or years down the road, now is the time to start your search. Research your local independent living communities while you're able to make the choice yourself. You wouldn't trust someone to pick out your dream home without your input, so why would you trust someone to pick out your retirement lifestyle?

If you're looking ahead, stop by Cornerstone Independent Living to see exactly how bright your future can be. We offer everything you need to thrive during your retirement while receiving the care you need, allowing you to live as socially engaged and active as you'd like!